Exploring the roots of Greek Hospitality!

Fusing contemporary luxury with imitable elegance, Divani Palace Acropolis is a stunning hotel located in one of the city’s most historic neighborhoods. Located just steps away from the Acropolis and the old town of Plaka, just a short walk from the constitution square as well as all the major cultural points, this is the ideal base from which to visit the key attractions of Athens. Your time journey through the history of Athens begins in the hotel basement with a part of the ancient city walls, built under Themistocles, a prominent Athenian general in Ancient Greece.

Your unique experience awaits!

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While there are many reasons for selecting Divani Palace Acropolis there are others that can only be experienced.

The discrete and devoted service and the continuous feeling of being at home are sure things not to be missed.

Here guests will find everything that they might need at their fingertips.


Athens is a delightful paradox:

A buzzing metropolis with a laid-back lifestyle. The streets are filled with cafes and bars, and these are filled with people having a good time. Walking in the birthplace of democracy and drama you will find, alongside the World Heritage monuments, magnificent museums. Last but not least, Athens is a twenty-first-century cultural powerhouse, featuring arts festivals, outdoor cinemas, and an ever-changing canvas of street art.

Endless possibilities and a unique experience awaits!