Athens is one of the world’s most impressive capital cities with a unique and vibrant blend of history and culture.
Themistoclean Wall - Experience - Acropolis

Walking through the history of the “Themistoclean Wall”

History and culture are as ingrained in the heart of Athens as marble and mortar. Steeped in history, Athens is a cosmopolitan ancestral city, land of great philosophers and leaders. At the lower level of Divani Palace Acropolis, you will find the artifacts of the”Themistoclean Wall”.

The “Themistoclean Wall” was named after the great Athenian Politician and General, Themistocles. His traits and skills on military and naval power were instrumental in ensuring Greece’s victory from its greatest threat, the Persians. Its construction started in 461 B.C., which followed Themistocle’s death.

Divani Palace Acropolis - Experience - Acropolis


The Acropolis is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens. Build in 5 B.C. by Pericles, it contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historical significance, with the most famous being the Parthenon. Also known as sacred Rock, this UNESCO world Heritage site is definitely synonymous with Athens.

Divani Palace Acropolis - Location - New Acropolis Museum

New Acropolis Museum

The first Museum was on the Acropolis, which was completed in 1874, however, due to the growing volume of archaeological treasures discovered the need for a new museum was created.
Operating since 2009, the modern Acropolis Museum, houses every artifact found on the Sacred Rock and on the surrounding slopes, from the Greek Bronze Age to the Roman and Byzantine Greece.

Divani Palace Acropolis - Location - Benaki Museum

Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum has several sites, but the main one is the former Benaki family mansion in central Athens.

The museum houses Greek works of art from the prehistorical to the modern times, an extensive collection of Asian art, hosts periodic exhibitions and maintains a state-of-the-art restoration and conservation workshop. Although the museum initially housed a collection that included Islamic art, Chinese porcelain and exhibits on toys, its 2000 re-opening led to the creation of satellite museums that focused on specific collections, allowing the main museum to focus on Greek culture over the span of the country’s history.

Divani Palace Acropolis - Experience - Syntagma

Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square or Constitution Square is the central square of Athens. It is located in front of the 19th century Old Royal Palace housing the Greek Parliament since 1934. Syntagma Square is the most important square of modern Athens from both a historical and social point of view, as it is at the heart of commercial activity and Greek politics.

Divani Palace Acropolis - Experience - Kolonaki


Kolonaki is an upscale neighbourhood and one of the main shopping areas in Athens, with many fashion designer boutiques and jewellery shops.

A buzzing neighborhood with a laid-back vibe. Here, you’ll be immersed in the vibrant lifestyle.

The streets are filled with cafes and bars, which are filled with people having a good time. If you visit Athens, you should definitely stroll around Kolonaki area as you’ll fit right into this sociable scene.

Divani Palace Acropolis - Experience - Monastiraki

Stroll around the streets of Monastiraki

Shopping in Athens is a favourite pastime and the Flea Market at Monastiraki is one of the best places to buy about anything. The area is home to clothing boutiques, souvenir shops, and specialty stores, and is a major tourist attraction in Athens for bargain shopping. The best day to stroll around the streets of Monastiraki is on a Sunday morning, where you may also combine it with a walk towards Psiri area, which hosts a number of galleries and vintage stores.

Divani Palace Acropolis - Experience - The Panathenaic Stadium

The Panathenaic Stadium

The Panathenaic Stadium, also known as the Kallimármaro (meaning the “beautifully marbled”), is a multi-purpose stadium used for several events and athletics in Athens.

The Stadium hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

Reconstructed from the remains of an ancient Greek stadium, the Panathenaic is the only stadium in the world built entirely on marble and is one of the oldest in the world.

Divani Palace Acropolis - Experience - National Observatory

Star gazing at the National Observatory of Athens

Let us take you to the stars!

The visitors’ center of the National Observatory of Athens is a beautiful building. During the summer months, it conducts private evening tours offering to the public the opportunity to peer through the 8 meter dome of the Doridis telescope and to enjoy the Athenian sky from the Hill of the Nymphs. The Doridis telescope was built by the French company P.F. Gautier in 1902 and is housed in a building designed by Ernst Ziller. It was used for the first time at the sun eclipse on 30th August 1905.

Divani Palace Acropolis - Experience - The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)

The SNFCC is a public space, where everyone has free access and can participate in a multitude of cultural, educational, athletic, environmental and recreational activities and events. It includes the Greek National Opera, the National Library of Greece as well as the Stavros Niarchos Park, one of the largest green areas in Athens, covering 21 hectares.

Designed by the architectural firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop , the SNFCC has become a reference point in Greece.

This site is definitely one to add on your bucket list, even if there is not an event taking place. Just stroll around and be mesmerized.

Divani Palace Acropolis - Experience - Snorkelling in Athens Coastline

Sail to the stunning Saronic Islands

These Greek islands make a great choice for a day trip or a quick break from the city.

The Argo-Saronic islands hug the coast between Piraeus, the port of Athens, and the Peloponnese, the stunning southern mainland of Greece.
The Saronic is renowned for its lush landscape, stunning neoclassical architecture, and vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene.

These islands give you the opportunity to visit archaeological sites, cliff jump into the Aegean, hike ancient paths, and take donkey rides through cobblestone streets.

Contact our concierge in order to prepare for you a mind-blowing experience.

Divani Run Around in the heart of Athens 

Athens, the city of democracy and philosophy, the city with the most breathtaking cultural monuments and the most historic center, is one of the best choices and probably the coolest place to jog. Not only because of the beautiful locations, which often consist of ancient monuments and antiquities, but also due to their relative calm. Imagine running amongst green trees and wildflowers while catching cinematic glimpses of the iconic Acropolis through clearings in the pine trees.

The paths you can follow for running or walking are endless, and that’s why you never get bored. However, you can find two recommended running routes for beginners and non, athletes.

The Divani Running map will be at your disposal in your room.